This project provides information and advice for people considering becoming sexually active. The information comes from people who’ve already had their first sexual experience.


This website has two objectives:

  1. Provide young women and men with accurate information about what “first experiences” are like as reported by people who’ve already “been there, done that.”
  2. Provide parents and guardians with talking points for constructive discussions with young people on the subject of sexuality.

To accomplish these objectives, we’ve surveyed people in all walks of life, all sexual preferences, and all ages in order to find out what their first sexual experience was like. Here, on this website, we’re making that information available to anyone who’s interested.


Because why not? There isn’t one good reason to avoid respectful, age-appropriate discussions about sex. Conversely, there are many good reasons to have such a conversation. In spite of that, most parents don’t talk with their kids about sex, and almost no parents discuss virgin sex with their adolescent children. Why? Because it’s highly personal, for one thing. For another thing, parents may fear that an open discussion about sex can be construed as encouragement. Finally, no one has more than one virgin experience. Unless they’ve made a study out of it, no one is experienced on the topic of virgin sexual encounters.


To gather information we’ve administered questionnaires and personal interviews to people from all walks of life who have already had their first sexual experience. In addition to the basics (date of birth, age at which you first had sex, zip code) we also ask about regrets, about whether the experience was spontaneous or planned, whether it involved social or romantic pressure, whether it was respectful, what contributed to the decision to have sex, what might have improved it, and any advice for people considering becoming sexually active. Unlike most sex education programs, the FTS project approaches virgin sexuality from an emotional and social perspective in order to address the most burning questions young people have about sex.

We want to help young people make good, responsible decisions. We believe it’s worth taking the time to become informed on the emotional and social aspects of sexuality, and we hope you find this information as helpful and interesting as we intend it to be. 

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